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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Monsters (JWP#10 2016) 
10th-Jul-2016 03:31 pm
Title: Monsters
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: #10 A higher power: choose a deity from any mythos, religion, or mythology (Tiamat, Zeus, Cthulu, whoever) and use them as an inspiration.
Author: Alaylith
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Holmes
WordCount: 147
Summary: Sometimes monsters lurk in nightmares.


Holmes is barely able to swallow his shout as he awakes with a jump and his heavy breathing fills the silent bedroom.

He is a creature of habit and any kind of change to his routine, like moving into new rooms, upsets his mind extremely - resulting in even worse nightmares than usual.
He shakes his head, trying to get rid of the images of gigantic, horrendous creatures living beneath earth and water (and beyond the sky) and slowly gets out of his bed.

Holmes puts his gown on and wanders into the living room, knowing that he will get no more sleep this night.
Hours later a similiar swallowed shout pulls him from his thoughts and he can hear footsteps coming down to their living room.

Holmes feels kind of relieved, realizing that he is not the only one to be visited by monsters in the night.

10th-Jul-2016 05:33 pm (UTC)
The Old Ones are awakening.
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