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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Trust (JWP#11 2016) 
11th-Jul-2016 04:56 pm
Title: Trust
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: #11 Threesome: Not necessarily the NSFW kind, but a threesome: John Watson being close to and/or working closely with someone besides Sherlock Holmes.
Author: Alaylith
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Watson, Holmes
WordCount: 333
Summary: Watson goes to meet a friend, but Holmes asks him to stay. Watson does not listen and later wonders why.


Watson hums a light tune as he takes his coat and hat, preparing to leave the house for his weekly meeting with Phinehas Collingwood.

It was chance that the two met in a bookstore several weeks ago, Watson accidently bumping into Collingwood spilling his choosen books. Over apologies they saw the similarity in the subjects of their books and started a conversation, which led to a shared lunch and ever since then they meet once a week to talk.
Watson, knowing no one in London and only having Holmes as a close friend (even though he admires his roommate immensely), is very happy about having found another acquaintance and can not wait for these weekly meetings.


Being pulled from his happy musings Watson turns to look at Holmes, who stands at the foot of the staircase and watches him with an unreadable look.
"Yes, Holmes?"

"Don't go," Holmes simply states and Watson blinks, fully turning around to look at his friend. "Whyever not? Is something wrong?"
Holmes' face contorts for a moment into a grimace, but immediatly returns to an expressionless mask. "Just don't go."

Watson shakes his head, slightly amused, wondering what kind of game Holmes is playing at now. "Why not?"
Holmes does not answer and Watson sighs, as the hallway clock chimes the hour. "I am sorry, Holmes, but without reason I will not just stay here."

"Is it not enough reason that I ask you to?" Holmes murmurs and Watson feels a cold grip taking hold of his heart.
He likes Holmes, already considers him the closest friend he ever had even after only knowing him a few weeks, but still...

"Not yet," he answers lowly and before he can see the reaction on Holmes' face, Watson turns away and leaves the house.

Hours later, when he lies beaten in an alleyway, Watson asks himself just why he did not simply listen to his closest friend - there is no one else who deserves his trust more than Holmes.

12th-Jul-2016 12:39 am (UTC)
"Well, Watson, I deduce that I Told You So!!!"
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