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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Letters (JWP#18 2016) 
18th-Jul-2016 02:56 pm
Title: Letters
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: #18 From "Handwritten" by The Gaslight Anthem
                     And with this pen, I thee wed
                       From my heart to your distress

Author: Alaylith
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Holmes, Watson
WordCount: 372
Summary: Holmes often picked up the pen to write to Watson. Now after his return Watson finally gets to read them.


It feels like eternity that Holmes has been watching Watson reading the letters and yet when Watson looks up at him it still was not long enough.

"You wrote me?" Watson asks lowly, a storm raging in his eyes and Holmes swallows.
"Yes, I knew that you would take my supposed death hard and I wanted to tell you the truth - always. But I knew that it was too dangerous and yet I took up my pen to write to you.
I sent the letters to Mycroft for safekeeping with his promise to give them to you if... if I did not return."

Holmes turns to look into the fire, leaning back in his old chair. He has been back just for a few weeks now and it feels as if he was never really gone as so little has changed.
Looking into Watson's eyes and seeing the pain however reminds Holmes that some of the most important things have changed.

"I knew that it would hurt you even more to read the letters after my death," Holmes murmurs, his eyes focused on the dancing flames. "And yet my heart demanded that I try to somehow soothe your distress.
I knew no other way to do so than to use your methods of sorting your mind; you always felt better after writing."

Silence embraces them for a moment, when a hand grasps his forearm and Holmes turns to look into Watson's warm eyes.
"And did it help? To write those letters to me?" he asks gently and Holmes, unable to find his voice, just nods.

Watson smiles and looks fondly to the dozens of letters that Holmes wrote in the span of the last three years, detailing what he was doing, where he was and just how often he thought about their time together.
"Then I am thankful you wrote them, Holmes. But I am even more thankful that you were able to return and give them to me in person."

Holmes smiles and picks up another handwritten letter to hold it out to his friend. "So am I."
And he is even more thankful that Watson, after all that he has done, is still here and willing to take them.

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