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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Darkness (JWP#20 2016) 
20th-Jul-2016 03:00 pm
Title: Darkness
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: #20 "There is a tide in the affairs of men" - Shakespeare: Julius Caesar
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Holmes, Watson
WordCount: 277
Summary: Most men seize a chance when it becomes avaible, even the most horrendous ones. Watson can not understand, but Holmes does.


Watson is withdrawn and silent ever since their return to Baker Street, his expression almost blank but for the horror in his eyes. Holmes gives him the space he needs, but stays near in case his friend is in need of him.
Watson has accompanied him on a few of his cases now, most of them trivial and petty crimes. Until now...

"Holmes?" Watson breaks the silence, pulling Holmes back from his own dark thoughts. "Yes, Watson?"
"Why did he do it?" Watson turns to look at him with dark eyes, confusion colouring his voice. "Just why did he kill them all? Why now? Why all of a sudden?"

"He simply saw a chance and took it," Holmes answers calmly. "He thought that the escaped prisoner would be held responsible for the murders of his wife's family and he would be able to inherit the fortune."
A logical and calculated move, however faulty it was. Holmes can easily understand it, can see the connections a man's mind comes up with if sudden opportunities arise, but Watson...

"Simply because he suddenly saw a chance to become rich he decided to kill them brutally? He even killed his own children and-" Watson shudders, remembering the mutilated bodies, unable to comprehend just why a man suddenly becomes a monster.

Watson is just too good to understand men's darkness inside, even after what he has seen in the war. Holmes hopes that he will never be able to understand, even though his mind tells him it is not likely.
Especially if he decides to stay with Holmes.

And Holmes, his own dark monster growling, prays that Watson stays anyway.

20th-Jul-2016 05:40 pm (UTC)
Oh that last line is *amazing*.
20th-Jul-2016 11:00 pm (UTC)
I'm agreeing with donutsweeper, excellent last line.

And Holmes must know -or will know- we all have our own dark monsters, even John H. Watson.
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