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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Choice (JWP#25 2016) 
25th-Jul-2016 06:48 pm
Title: Choice
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: #25 Trope Trainwreck!: [Prompt Description]Pile on as many tropes as possible in one fic - Omega-verse, Sentinel-verse, Paranormal-verse, Daemons-verse (His Dark Materials), Mirror-verse, etcetera, etcetera. Why not have an Alpha Sentinel Werewolf John Watson paired with a hedgehog daemon and hiding embarrassing tentacles where something else ought to be? Mix & Match like mad! (And for those of us who don't know all (or even many of) the tropes, kindly include a list of tropes used somewhere in your entry, please and thank you in advance!)
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Holmes, Watson
WordCount: 789
Summary: Not all choices are easy nor can we understand them, but often they are necessary.

A/N: Okay, as I don't really know tropes (or I know them but am not aware that they are tropes) I used some of the tropes mentioned in the prompt description. As this story is canon and I wish it to remain canon, I only touched the subjects of the tropes without going into any details.
The tropes are Omega-verse [without any hint of the sexual aspects of it, you can think that for yourself ;)], Daemons-verse, Mirror-Verse and Sentinel-verse - the first three I already knew and the last one I looked up and thought it quite interesting. As mentioned above, I barely touched the tropes and even that is not exactly... real. ^^



Holmes looks at the faceless shadows in front of him, all towering over him as he kneels on the ground. "Choose?" he repeats numbly.

"Make your choice," the shadows repeat and Holmes shakes his head. "I don't know what you mean..."
"What do you want to be?" the shadows ask. "An Alpha or a Sentinel?"

"Alpha...," some of the voices whisper.
"Sentinel...," echoe several other voices all around him in the darkness.

"What are you talking about?" Holmes asks again and the shadows point at him. "Choose or we will burn your soul."
"My soul?" Holmes asks as a fire flickers at the corner of his vision. He turns around and gasps sharply.

A sleek, gigantic panther sits chained to the ground directly beside him, it's back turned to him as it hisses and growls at the flames dancing around it.
"She will burn," the shadows chant and the panther - she growls louder and swats after the flames.

"I don't know what all this is about!" Holms shouts as he can feel the burning pain on his skin as the fire barely singes the panther's fur.

"Make your choice, make your choice," the voices grow louder. "You have to choose, you have to choose!"

"Choose or you will be lost," a different voice, warm and gentle, whispers softly into his ear from directly behind him.
Holmes twists his head, but all he can see is a small light floating at his back.

"Choose or you will be lost," the gentle voice repeats and a mirror appears directly in front of Holmes.
As Holmes looks into it, he can see himself and the panther, her fur more greyish and her eyes are blood red.
His own mirror image looks different as well, darker and more sinister with a cold smirk on his lips.

And his hands and clothes are covered in blood.

"Make your choice," the warm voice urges him. "Without a choice you will be lost."

"But what do the choices mean?" Holmes asks desperately, his bloodied mirror image smirking at him ruthlessly.

"What you want to be.
You can be an Alpha and your other half will be your Omega.
You can be a Sentinel and your other half will be your Guide.

It is the same and it is completely different, but your decision will shape your life and that of your other half.

And if you choose nothing, your soul will be burned and with her burning you will be lost," explains the voice, gentle and yet firm, but with a voice full of compassion.
"You have to choose," the voice repeats and the other, darker voices follow in their chanting. "Choose, choose, choose, ..."

Still unable to understand, unable to choose, Holmes shudders and recoils as his bloodied mirror image lifts it's claw like hands to reach for him and he can feel his soul's pained hisses as the flames threaten to engulf her.

An enormous roar shakes the darkness, slightly cracking the glass of the mirror and blowing the flames away from his soul. Holmes turns around to look at the small light and he can see the profile of a lioness with familiar eyes in it.
"Everything is going to be alright," the warm voice soothes amidst the lioness' purring. "Make your choice, I am here."

Holmes, with his back turned to the mirror and darkness can only see the light and he feels his soul being drawn to it, the panther's purring joining the purring of the lioness.

"I choose..."


"Holmes? Holmes!"

Holmes wakes up with a start and sits upright, his heart pounding wildly in his chest. He looks around the messy living room, all his papers and books strewn around.
Watson stands at his side and looks at him with a disapproving frown, but there is also in worry in his eyes.

"You made quite a mess, Holmes," he admonishes gently and turns to his own chair, removing all the books from it with a shake of his head. "No wonder you had such a wild dream, you were muttering all the time."
"What did I say?" Holmes asks, still looking around unsure of himself.
"Something about a choice and other things I was unable to gather," Watson says pensively and Holmes remembers snippets from his dream and shudders, wrapping his arms around his chest.

Seeing that, Watson stands up again and throws a blanket over Holmes' shoulders, before stoking the fire.
"Everything is going to be alright," Watson says gently and Holmes' head spins around to look at him in shock.

Holmes could swear he sees a golden shimmer of a lioness' fur in Watson's eyes as he turns around and Watson smiles warmly.
"I am here."

25th-Jul-2016 07:30 pm (UTC)
Oooh, love the last bit!!
26th-Jul-2016 04:06 am (UTC)
Holmes and Watson, Sentinel and Guide - this time with the Soldier and Scholar roles reversed.
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