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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Oasis (JWP#28 2016) 
28th-Jul-2016 02:17 pm
Title: Oasis
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: #28 "In July the sun is hot; is it shining? No it's not." - Flanders & Swann: A song of the weather.
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Watson
WordCount: 153
Summary: It is so hot and yet the sun does not shine. (Continuation to "Trust", "Dangerous" & "Pride")


It is hot.
Everything is so hot; his skin burns and he can taste the heat on his lips.

He wants to shield himself from the sun, because only the sun can burn so hot, but it's completely dark.
There is no sun and yet he burns like he did in the distant desert, when his blood left smoldering trails on his skin.

Suddenly a gentle touch and welcome coolness seeps through his skin and he gasps like a parched man.
As sudden as it came, the touch leaves, but it has to stay - it cannot leave him to this hellish agony.

He lifts his hand and takes hold of whatever it is that soothes the heat, pulling it back and holding it to his cheek.

It is still hot, he is still burning, but he has found his oasis and with a relieved sigh he falls back into the darkness and sleeps.

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