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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Sleep (JWP#30 2016) 
30th-Jul-2016 03:46 pm
Title: Sleep
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: #30 "Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2am?"
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Watson, Holmes
WordCount: 245
Summary: Holmes gets his chloroform, but Watson only wants to sleep.


The opening of his door wakes Watson and he looks up from his pillow to see Holmes searching through his medical bag.
"Holmes?" Watson asks and looks at the clock at his bedside. "What's the matter? Are you hurt?"

"No, don't worry," Holmes reassures him and stands up, waving a bottle of liquid in his direction. "I only need to borrow this."
"Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2am?" Watson asks.
"Just a precaution, old fellow. Go back to sleep," Holmes answers and leaves the room again, closing the door behind him.

Watson sighs and turns around, snuggling back into his warm blanket.

A few moments later he can hear thumps and creaks coming from their living room, but he ignores these as he tries falling back to leep.
He also ignores the muffled yells and typical sounds of a fist fight occuring downstairs.

Just as he is on the brink of falling asleep, there comes the crash of breaking glass and with a sigh he slowly gets up.
His duteous sense as a doctor pictures scenes of cuts and bleeding and he can not ignore such calling.

Watson puts on his slippers and dressing gown, hiding a yawn behind his hand.
Then he takes up his medical bag before going downstairs to where the fight is still going on and mutters under his breath.

"Better be important or our nightly visitor will not be the only one to get a dose of chloroform."

30th-Jul-2016 09:48 pm (UTC)
I love this grumpy Watson still answering his calling.
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