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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Pirate (JWP Amnesty #04+05+06 2016) 
6th-Aug-2016 09:06 am
Title: Pirate
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: Amnesty #04 Use Your Words: Use all three words in your entry: childhood, old age, sore feet.
Amnesty #05 The Sea! An adventure on the sea, at the sea, or under the sea. Granted, Captain Watson isn't a navy captain, but still...
Amnesty #06 The show at the end of the pier.
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Watson, Holmes
WordCount: 256
Summary: Watson enjoys a theater play about pirates, only to be saved by one later.


The theater rangs with laughter as the play goes on and Watson, while highly amused, no longer wonders why Holmes gave him the ticket he got from a client. This play about dreams and wishes from childhood, showing great adventures of the sea, would have been nothing for him.
But Watson is thankful as he greatly enjoys it and he has an amazing evening. His good mood holds on till after he leaves the theater and strolls through the dark streets, up until the moment when he is cornered by a group of ruffians.

The following fight is short and brutal, but as Watson falls down to his knees after a knock to the head, he is surprised to see a pirate jump from the darkness and join the fight. Not able to believe his eyes Watson can only stare as the pirate drives the ruffians away and then turns to him with a swollen lip and bloodied knuckles.
"Getting a bit slow in your old age, my dear fellow?" Holmes teases as he pulls the wig from his head and pushes the eyepatch back to reveal his blackening eye underneath, a bright grin on his face.
"Holmes? What on earth?" Watson mutters and accepts Holmes' hand to be pulled up.
"I will explain everything to you, just as soon as we are back in Baker Street," Holmes laughs, enjoying the expression of surprise on Watson's face.

"But first let me change, Watson - my sore feet will be thankful to get out of these pirate's boots."

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