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[Sherlock Holmes ACD] --- Foreshadow (JWP Amnesty #02 2016) 
7th-Aug-2016 11:22 am
Title: Foreshadow
Theme: Watson's Woes July Writing Prompts 2016
Prompt: Amnesty #02 The arts: music H&W seem to agree on, painting not so much.
Rating: General Audiences
Universe: ACD
Characters: Holmes, Watson
WordCount: 472
Summary: Holmes bought a new painting and is surprised by Watson's reaction.


"Really, what is wrong with you?" Holmes asks, but his voice is tinged with amusement and his eyes almost twinkle in delight. He and Watson are standing in front of their fireplace and their current discussion revolves around the new painting that Holmes has put on the wall over it. While he thinks the painting is marvelous, Watson on the other hand...
"I don't know," Watson says, his voice almost a whine and he refuses to look at the painting, his eyes wandering aimlessly through the room. "I really, really, really do not like it, Holmes. It is..." He risks a glance at it, shudders and turns away again. Holmes shakes his head, unable to understand his friend and looks at the painting himself. "There is nothing offensive about it, my dear fellow and the workmanship is excellent. I really cannot follow as to why you find it so repulsive."

"It is not repulsion," Watson says lowly, finally turning his head to look Holmes in the eye. The detective is worried to see a storm of emotions in his friend's hazel eyes, all of them dark. "It is fear, Holmes," the doctor admits amidst another shudder and Holmes blinks in surprise. Watson turns fully away and sits down in his chair, his eyes distantly focused on the fire. "When I look at it, I feel fear, a deep sense of foreshadowing. There is something... sorrowful about the painting. I can not explain, Holmes, but I... I feel sad when I look at it." Holmes, with another look at the painting, takes his own seat at Watson's side. "I am sorry to hear that, Watson. I shall take it down, my friend."

Watson shakes his head and smiles weakly at him. "No, Holmes, it is just a painting. And as you said, there is nothing offensive about the content and it is drawn beautifully. It is just my silly imagination."
"Are you quite sure?" Holmes asks uneasily and Watson chuckles, looking at the painting and there is still unease in his eyes. "Yes, my dear fellow, it is alright."

Hours later, when Watson has gone to bed Holmes comes to stand in front of the painting again, looking at it intently. He tries to see what his friend sees looking at it and slowly a slight feeling of trepidation gnaws at him. It seems as if the colours swirl together and he could swear he hears a loud roar similiar to a scream distantly in his head. He shakes his head, dispersing the dark thoughs like water droplets and turns away, preparing for his own bed.

It is nothing more than fanciful imagination and he swears to himself that one day he will take Watson along to visit the place.
The Reichenbach Falls are surely as magnificent as the painting shows them.

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